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COVID side effects… vax fog / brain fog / memory fog / mental side effects

Heart palpitations, muscle spasms, twitches, nerve pain, tingling in hands and feet, “pins and needles” or prickly sensation from fingertips up the bottom side of arm

Stomach pain, excessive thirst, declining eyesight, menopausal bleeding, COVID arm, swollen lymph nodes in both men and women, rash, blood clots, pancreatitis, anxiety, depression, suicide, Guillain-Barre syndrome, rashes, pain at injection site, fever, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea…

As mass COVID-19 vaccination is underway, radiologists are encountering transient FDG uptake in normal or enlarged axillary, supraclavicular, and cervical lymph nodes after ipsilateral deltoid vaccination.

Consideration should be given to administering the vaccine in the arm contralateral to a unilateral cancer to avoid potentially confounding FDG uptake on the side of cancer.

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